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Information for stallholders

All craft stalls will be situated on Christchurch Quay, together with the marquee(s) and dance displays. This provides good public attendance due to the high profile of the site, there is an estimated 4,000 attendance at the marquee site each year. Every endeavour will be made to ensure stall holders do not compete with each other. Spaces for the stalls are available in multiples of 10ft.

Terms and Conditions

Christchurch Festival

The following terms and conditions apply to, and must be complied with, by each Stallholder whilst he/she is on the Site. Each Stallholder acknowledges that he/she has been provided with a copy of these terms and conditions and he/she will be deemed to have accepted them upon entering the Site.

1 The Site for the purpose of these terms and conditions is Christchurch Quay and Quomps.

2 Entrance to the Site shall be at the following times: For Stallholders trading from the evening of Friday, access will be permitted from 2.30pm - 6.30pm on that day. For Stallholders trading from Saturday access will be permitted between 7.30am - 10.30am.

3 Entrance to the Site will be from Whitehall. Upon entering the Site Stallholders should observe the directions of stewards or follow appropriate signposts.

4 Camping on the site is not permitted, although Stallholders will be permitted to remain with or visit their stalls/vehicles during night time hours.

5 Open fires on the Site are not permitted, although the use of camping stoves is allowed.

6 Although the Festival organisers will supply general Site security during the period of the Festival, Stallholders will remain responsible for the protection of their stalls, vehicles and goods.

7 All Stallholders must vacate the Site by 12 noon on the Monday after the event.

8 Stallholders are responsible for the removal of their personal and trade rubbish.

9 Stallholders must obtain any official licences or permissions for displaying or selling of goods or wares and are required to abide by Trading Standards and Weights & Measures regulations.

10 Stallholders shall comply with all by-laws, conditions and regulations specified by Christchurch Borough Council, either generally or specifically for the Festival.

11 A refund of fees paid by a Stallholder will be given only in circumstances where the Festival is cancelled for reasons attributable to the organisers themselves.

12 The Festival organisers shall have no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage caused to a Stallholder or his/her stall, vehicle(s) or goods whilst on the Site.

13 Each Stallholder agrees to be liable for and to indemnify the Festival organisers against all loss damage, claims or demands which may in any way arise from the Stallholder's presence on the Site during the Festival.

14 Stallholders agree whilst on the Site to comply with all reasonable directions given to them by Festival Staff

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